The War Between the States, commonly identified as the American Civil War, The Disunited States, or The Second American Revolution, was more than battles in well-known locations such as Gettysburg, Fredericksburg, and Nashville, analytical studies of political figures like Lincoln or Davis, or tactical maneuvering of great generals like Grant and Lee, but stories of common men and women who battled from within and survived the troublesome four years. Endless stories demonstrated the dedication, determination, and true grit of common men and women simultaneously showing the human suffering of average youngsters who died in battles on unknown plains or forests such as Sabine, Kelly’s Ford, Duck Creek, Cold Knob Mountain, Brandy Station, Wiseman’s Shoals, or West Point, Georgia. Was it truly a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight?

The story covers the life of a young boy whose family is devastated by war. Coming from the pro union northeastern corner of Tennessee, he struggles through his teenage years eventually enlisting in the Confederate Army where he meets men and women from many states, some who possess questioning values and puzzling behavior. He tries to come to grips with social, economic and political issues while searching for answers identified in the Confederate motto, “Deo Vindice”, defended by God.