With over 620,000 deaths during the American Civil War, thousands more physically or mentally wounded, thousands missing, this tragedy left the civilian population and their landscape devastated for decades. The battlefield killings were over, but the following years were damaging in different venues from social and cultural to political. Violent ways continued. Soldiers from both sides of the conflict struggled with identity, respect, and sensibility. Southern cites and towns no longer resembled or supported an agrarian culture built on slavery, and with the invasion of opportunistic northern businessmen, corrupt politicians, and money hungry individuals, southerners attempted to adjust. The debacle of the malfunctioning post war administration in Washington was only a small element affecting the inability of southern states to rebuild and prosper during Reconstruction. Too many Generals, not enough Privates! The War Between the States continued!

AFTERMATH follows an ex-confederate soldier through reconstruction and beyond dominated by abusive social injustice, struggling malfunctioning laws, and family tragedy. Battlefield fighting ended as personal conflicts mounted.